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By:Joshua Barnson

Hi. I’m Zoron. I live in the middle of a massive battlefield. In my personal opinion, I think that I’m a nice guy, and that nothing bad has happened to me. At least nothing really bad. Recently I got shot in the wrist. But the bullet came out as soon as it went in and i was just fine. Other than the fact that I was bleeding out for about 13 minutes. But I’m fine now.

My friend, Jarkin, just recently got a rank advancement in his army. But to me, I should have gotten it. I’m in his army, you see, and I had to battle him for that rank advancement. It was a clash of swords, and I was winning. He charged at me and lunged his sword, and I barely dodged his attack, but I had a counterattack. I swung my sword with all my might, and narrowly missed. He charged once more and stabbed me in my wrist. That was the killer. I crumbled to the ground in pain and applied pressure to the wound while Jarkin walked away victorious. And soon enough, I got shot in the same wrist that i got stabbed in. Eventually, we started to go to war with another kingdom. They were more advanced than us and they were able shoot dozens of bullets at once, forcing us to retreat until we were able to get shields and armor to deflect the bullets back at them.

Our civilization focuses on defense, and high power but slow attacks. We typically won wars, but we have lost half as many as we have won. Many other civilizations focused on being able to destroy things with more minor power, but could take it down quickly with the large barrages of bullets, arrows, and other things. This continuous attack of ammo prevented head on full out attack. So when fighting in bloody gruesome wars, we have the advantage with our high defense and pack a heavy punch. Our previous shields ended up with holes in them after the battle. So we are making new and improved shields that won’t get pierced by arrows, bullets, or pencils alike. And yes, we have fought a war where our enemies used pencils as weapons.

On the other hand, we have also fought wars against the futuristic civilizations, where they used laser guns instead of bullets, so our defenses were useless. It is against the bombers and futures that we usually end up losing. They have huge technological advancements, which makes us defenseless against their weapons of mass destruction. And in this world, it’s advance, or be destroyed.

Chapter 2

The Nano War

Your imagination is your weapon here. It can create you anything that you need, want, or your death if that is your requirement. This can destroy, create, and most importantly in this world, kill. It cannot kill anything but yourself, if you so desire to die by your own self. Otherwise, you will need to create weapons to kill others, but you can’t kill them with your mind. You can teleport, throughout your world, but you alone. You are alone with these destructive and miraculous powers. But what will you do with them?

I will…. I will…… Destroy……..

That’s it, destroy everything that gets in your way. Destroy everything that you hate, but it will destroy everything that you love along with it.

I don’t care….. I will…. Destroy…. With these almighty powers that have been gifted upon me!

That’s good. Now, what will you destroy first?

My enemies. I will destroy them. They have cursed me and my civilization for thousands of years. Trying to destroy us, but we have almost overcome them. NO! NO!! I will help my friends in battle, heal them! I will use my powers for creation! Not destruction!

Curses! You have to destroy! All you can do is destroy! They killed your friends! Your family!

No. I will use my gift to create, and to help others. But I will still fight in the war. Nobody else will be able to see them. But I will have bugs all over the battlefield, waiting for me to give them a command. Waiting for me to let them heal, or kill. I will bring balance to the world. Even if it takes my life.

I have encountered a problem with my new ability. I cannot create anything that has to do with my own body. Whether it is to heal my wounds, or just to make my bladder quit shaking so I don’t have to pee during a battle. This is a minor setback for transferring the world to what it should be. But I have saved many lives, and almost everyone has questioned how I did it. Everyone that didn’t question it usually are the people that I save, or the ones who think that it is black magic, or that I am really part of the futures, with their healing powers. I can heal faster than them. I can heal instantaneously. But what could have given me these miraculous powers? And why me? Why would the gods pick me for such a strong, destructive and creative power? It can help many lives, but it can also kill many more.

During the wars, with this new power put upon my shoulders, I could wipe out entire civilizations. Even the Futures, and the Bombers. With this power alone, I can create entire civilizations, have them fight wars with each other, and run battle situations to see what tactics we can use in our next war. With our more primitive technology, and without the heavy guns with their barrages, we can still win. Because now, we have me. I am the secret weapon that our army needed. We didn’t need bombs, or lasers, or any of that crap. We just needed my powers to see how we can beat them, and to see in what way we can still use our previous tactic of taking the hard hits, and dealing them out harder. I was in the middle of a battle sequence, testing how we should position our defenses, what a gunshot blasted through the air. It definitely wasn’t from the simulation, because this one hurt when Zoron heard it. I rushed straight to where the source of the noise was, and suddenly I heard screaming far off in the distance. I used my nano bugs to make a platform that would travel to the noise, and they quickly formed into what I needed at the moment, and took me there as fast as possible for them. One of my soldiers was dead, from a gunshot to the head, and blood was still pouring out and making a large puddle on the ground. I immediately started searching for the killer, but nobody was in sight. I picked up the dead soldier, and started to head back to HQ, where we would have a short ceremony, and afterwards go searching for the killer, and preparing for war. The ceremony went as most of them did, someone walks up to the stand, says that he fought well, and when we put him out with all the other soldiers in the graveyard.


To Be Continued……

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