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Hi i am Marshmallow and this is a story about me and my old buddy Taco.

One day Taco was sleeping. so I was walking around and i was bored so I walked into my friend Taco.

I wanted to see what was inside of him so that was why I  walked into him.

It was mushy inside.  The meat was covered in grease, it was horrible smelling inside.

So I tried to walk out and i ran into a wall! I did not know there was a walls inside of him.

So i went the other way and ran into another wall! That went on for hours, and hours.

Finally i was tired out and i sat down. Suddenly i was a chunk of meat!!

I did not panic though, I actually did not notice until i got out. Sorry getting off topic .

I decided to give it a go one more time! And I actually found my way out this time! Then I noticed there was a bit of brown on me. I guessed i was a bit of meat but by now i had left Taco all alone and I did not want to be his friend any more.

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