All posts for the month February, 2016

Hi. I’m Zoron. I live in the middle of a massive battlefield. In my personal opinion, I think that I’m a nice guy, and that nothing bad has happened to me. At least nothing really bad. Recently I got shot in the wrist. But I the bullet came out as soon as it went in and i was just fine. Other than the fact that I was bleeding out for about 13 minutes, but I’m fine now.

My friend, Jarkin, just recently got a rank advancement in his army. But to me, I should have gotten it. I’m in his army, you see, and I had to battle him for that rank advancement. It was a clash of swords, and I was winning. He charged at me and lunged his sword at me, but I barely dodged his attack, but I had a counterattack. I swung my sword with all my might, and narrowly missed. He charged once more and stabbed me in my wrist. That was the killer. I crumbled to the ground in pain and applied pressure to the wound while Jarkin walked away victorious. And soon enough, I got shot in the same wrist that i got stabbed in.