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So today I’m going to tell you about me, Marshmallow falling in love with another marshmallow. You might regret reading this.

So there i was walking alone back to my home, when I saw somebody standing on the front porch of my neighbors house, it did not look like my neighbor. Nowhere near like my neighbor.

So i walked up to her and said, “How are you doing this fine morning?”

The lady said, “I’m doing , not as good as I could be.” Marshmallow asked her why she wasn’t doing good and she said, ” It’s because my boyfriend dumped me yesterday over Facebook.”

Marshmallow asked her if she wanted to go down to the beach and she said yes.

While they were walking together Marshmallow saw a man with a camera pointing it at his friend, and so marshmallow said, “Hey you! Why are you taking a video of me and my girlfriend?” Marshmallow did not mean to say girlfriend. He meant to say friend. The man pushed a button on the camera and walked away. When he pushed the button marshmallow’s girlfriend disappeared. He chased after the man, as fast as he could. Once he got about a meter away from the man, the man disappeared too. Marshmallow was so angry! he wanted to go and find a new friend but he did not think that they would be real either.


Sorry I have not been doing blogs lately I have been so busy.

Well this was written and published by me, Zeke. Have a awesome day, or night if that is when your reading this. Bye.