The Taco And The Marshmallow

The stories called “The Taco And The Marshmallow”

So, while Jack and I were strolling around, we came across a town.  In this town, there was this huge bully, name Jelly Belly. He would always break the kids stuff and say really rude things about the kids. But while Jack and me saw this, they thought to go and stop Jelly Belly from doing this terrible stuff.

So Jack ran up to him with his hammer and WHACK! The hammer hit Jelly Belly straight in the head, and knocked him out. While he was knocked out, jack was able to fix the stuff the Jelly Belly had broken, and all the kids shouted in joy and thanked Jack for helping them.

So, we got thanked by all the kids in the town, and we walked out of the town. But when Jelly Belly woke up, he woke up with a grudge. Nothing could get in his way of getting Jack back. He would track them down to the ends of the giant island until he could get his revenge.

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So I have been through many terrible experiences but this was the most terrible of them all. I will now tell you about this bad thing that happened to me.

I had went through that terrible experience or losing my girlfriend but after that I had gone looking for another friend. I would find someone but every time i found someone they were either mean or I just did not like them. But after i found them and i did not like them then i would take them to a cave and put ropes on their arms and legs and tie them to a wall.

After too long the police found out and took me to jail. Once i was in jail I would punch at the bars for hours and hours and barely dent them, but i did sometimes brake 1 or 2 but i still could not get out because the guards would call a smith to hammer the bars back together. But one day when the guards were not watching the smith    (Jack) made a deal to break a few more of the bars to get Marshmallow out but once he got out he would have to get Jack out too. So they got out but barely escaped. So Jack and Marshmallow became great friends over time.


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So today I’m going to tell you about me, Marshmallow falling in love with another marshmallow. You might regret reading this.

So there i was walking alone back to my home, when I saw somebody standing on the front porch of my neighbors house, it did not look like my neighbor. Nowhere near like my neighbor.

So i walked up to her and said, “How are you doing this fine morning?”

The lady said, “I’m doing , not as good as I could be.” Marshmallow asked her why she wasn’t doing good and she said, ” It’s because my boyfriend dumped me yesterday over Facebook.”

Marshmallow asked her if she wanted to go down to the beach and she said yes.

While they were walking together Marshmallow saw a man with a camera pointing it at his friend, and so marshmallow said, “Hey you! Why are you taking a video of me and my girlfriend?” Marshmallow did not mean to say girlfriend. He meant to say friend. The man pushed a button on the camera and walked away. When he pushed the button marshmallow’s girlfriend disappeared. He chased after the man, as fast as he could. Once he got about a meter away from the man, the man disappeared too. Marshmallow was so angry! he wanted to go and find a new friend but he did not think that they would be real either.


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Hi i am Marshmallow and this is a story about me and my old buddy Taco.

One day Taco was sleeping. so I was walking around and i was bored so I walked into my friend Taco.

I wanted to see what was inside of him so that was why I  walked into him.

It was mushy inside.  The meat was covered in grease, it was horrible smelling inside.

So I tried to walk out and i ran into a wall! I did not know there was a walls inside of him.

So i went the other way and ran into another wall! That went on for hours, and hours.

Finally i was tired out and i sat down. Suddenly i was a chunk of meat!!

I did not panic though, I actually did not notice until i got out. Sorry getting off topic .

I decided to give it a go one more time! And I actually found my way out this time! Then I noticed there was a bit of brown on me. I guessed i was a bit of meat but by now i had left Taco all alone and I did not want to be his friend any more.

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