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So, while Jack and I were strolling around, we came across a town.  In this town, there was this huge bully, name Jelly Belly. He would always break the kids stuff and say really rude things about the kids. But while Jack and me saw this, they thought to go and stop Jelly Belly from doing this terrible stuff.

So Jack ran up to him with his hammer and WHACK! The hammer hit Jelly Belly straight in the head, and knocked him out. While he was knocked out, jack was able to fix the stuff the Jelly Belly had broken, and all the kids shouted in joy and thanked Jack for helping them.

So, we got thanked by all the kids in the town, and we walked out of the town. But when Jelly Belly woke up, he woke up with a grudge. Nothing could get in his way of getting Jack back. He would track them down to the ends of the giant island until he could get his revenge.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Have a good day, or night if that’s when you are reading this. Bye!