The Learning Of The Truth

The group of stories called “The Learning Of The Truth”

Jack was running as fast as his legs could carry him. The loud clinking and whirring of gears grinding together was right behind him. Jack decided to face his fear of getting brutally torn apart by this beast. He turned around while simultaneously unsheathing his sword that was on his belt and swinging it as hard as he could. A dark liquid started coming out of the monster’s head and it started to run away. It was finally over. Jack was panting from running so hard and so far, but he was overjoyed that he had injured the beast. But he knew it would be back for him. If it didn’t die of so much oil or blood loss. Or with it being injured someone else might take advantage of its weakness and kill it for Jack before it came back.

Finally after the horrific creature had finally stopped chasing after him and gone after another person, Zeke took a long break to rest his body. He felt like he had run a marathon with that cut on his side. He sealed it up with a bandage, rested for another few minutes, and got up and walked over to a nearby building. Zeke looked inside and saw nothing but a few seats and ice cream buckets covered up. He decided not to go inside, but rather to stay outside and walk away.

After he had walked away, Zeke sat down next to another nearby building, but did not bother to look inside. He soon heard a click and a clack of gears churning.  The mechanical beast had returned.

It did not chase him, but walked into the ice cream shop. ┬áZeke didn’t want to bother with killing it, as soon, he too might die from the wound. Another moment later, Zeke saw a dark black shadow open the door to the ice cream shop and walk in. Maybe that man might kill it. Zeke had no clue why people were out this late at night, knowing that they have a high chance of getting killed by something.

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Zeke was running as fast as his legs could carry him, the horrific noises coming from behind him were getting closer and closer. He felt as if he could feel the monster breathing on the back of his neck. Suddenly, Zeke felt a sharp pain in his right side, he tried as hard as he could to keep pushing on and ignoring the wound, but it had a high likelyness of getting infected if he kept this up. Out of nowhere, Zeke saw another person walking in front of him, and that person had no idea that something horrible might kill him and Zeke. Zeke kept on running, step after step, until he finally heard the clicks and whirs of the beast finally gone. It might have chased after the person that Zeke had seen a few minutes earlier. Also, that person might actually have a chance to survive against the horrific beast because he had a sword on his belt.